Understanding your body’s strengths & weaknesses can be the key to unlocking performance potential. Morgan can help you improve performance, prevent injury and prepare for the next race or event.


The search for an individual’s performance potential begins with an in-depth understanding of the athlete's physical condition with characteristics such as lower limb and pelvic flexibility, upper limb range of movement, lower limb stability and functional core strength measured in a comprehensive screening protocol.

Physical screening is best carried out in the period before the season or event in order to understand how best to prepare for the challenge ahead. Repeating the screening protocol at regular intervals allows you to monitor and assess progress towards reduced injury risk and better performance.

The screening protocol has been designed using experience working with world class athletes and World Tour cycling teams but can be applied to any sport and athletes at any level.


The screening takes 1.5 hours and involves observations, measurements, video analysis and tests. Morgan will analyse the results, providing you with a detailed report and guide you through an individually tailored exercise plan in order to improve the areas where gains in performance and/or injury prevention can be made. 

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I’ve never been assessed so thoroughly! Morgan’s attention to detail means he can spot areas to work on before they become a problem but most importantly for me, advise things that I can do regularly to improve my strength, stability and flexibility which ultimately helps improve my performance.
— Ryan Mullen, Cannondale Pro Cycling Team

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